Carla Stoffle's Update, 1998

In January 1998, The Southwest Jewish Archives was transferred from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences to the University of Arizona Library.

The reason behind this transfer is two-fold. The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences recognized that the Archives is a valuable resource and that the College was not in a position to support it with appropriately trained professionals. Hours of access were limited during the week and appropriate conditions for maintaining archival materials were lacking.The University Library considers the Southwest Jewish Archives collections important to the history of the area and well within our mission to collect, house, and process materials on the Southwest. Our Special Collections facility includes appropriate climate controls, security safeguards, and a staff willing to provide the care that these collections require.

We look forward to giving the Archives the level of attention the community seeks, and to working with the Southwest's Jewish community to support and promote the Archive.

The Library has been heavily with the Website from its inception, providing the necessary computer equipment, disk space for storing files, and much of the Archive's website development. We remain committed to the website's continued growth.

CJS, February 1998