Teddy Roosevelt's 1899 Rough Riders Reunion

Teddy Roosevelt was a friend of Colonel Ludwig Ilfeld's and visited him for a Rough Riders reunion. Following are images of photographs from the Ilfeld family's collection of this occasion.

Rough Riders Parade

Theodore Roosevelt, at the time Governor of New York, leads a Rough Riders parade in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in 1899. (SWJA)

Rough Riders Reunion, Las Vegas, NM


Theodore Roosevelt on Maude

Roosevelt riding Colonel Ilfeld's horse, Maude. (SWJA)

Roosevelt at Rough Riders Reunion

Theodore Roosevelt with comrades during the Rough Riders Reunion, Las Vegas, NM. (SWJA) When the Cuban War broke out in 1898, Roosevelt "went to Cuba as lieutenant colonel of a regiment of volunteer cavalry, which he himself had raised among the hunters and cowboys of the West." [source Nobelprize.org]

Roosevelt, Kiowas and military

Inscription under photo reads: "To L. W. Ilfeld with the regards of Theodore Roosevelt." (SWJA)