Spiegelberg Family

The Spiegelberg brothers

[per note on back of photograph] Emanuel, Lehman (or Willi), Solomon Jacob, Levi, and Willi (or Lehman). Elias was already deceased when photograph was taken.

Solomon Jacob Spiegelberg
Betty (Mrs. Levi) Spiegelberg

ca. 1855-60 from reverse oil painting under photograph on glass.

Willi Spiegelberg Family Photograph

Top row: Harry Frank, Betty Spiegelberg Frank, Wedwin Blun Eising, and Rose Spiegelberg Eising; Flora Spiegelberg and Willi Spiegelberg; children: Edna Eising (Kriegsman), Florence Eising (Stern, Naumburg), Ethel Frank (Rayner); bottom: Dorothy Frank (Stroock, Cowen). Photo dated 1906; (probably) New York City

Willi Spiegelberg's commission as Probate Judge, Sante Fe, New Mexico