Simon Bibo and the Bibo Family

Simon Bibo, merchant and stockraiser

From text accompanying photo:

Simon Bibo, merchant and stockraiser, (Rep.); b. July 15, 1845, Westphalia, Prussia; son of Isaac and Bluemchen (Rosenstein) Bibo; educated public schools, Brakel, Westphalia, Germany; engaged in merchantile business in Germany until 1865, when he came to U.S. landing N.Y. City, Jan., 1866; came to New Mexico, July, 1866, locating in Sante Fe, 1866-8; opened road to Fort Apache, Arizona, 1870, furnishing the government with provisions; post trader, Ft. Apache, 1870-2; in merchandise business, Bernalillo, N.M., 1873-80; 1881 opened store in Grants, N.M., continuing since; has establishments in Laguna, San Rafael and Grants; justice of peace, precinct 23, Valencia Colorado, 1907-11; postmaster Grants, 1880-1991. Address: Grants, New Mexico.

Post-it note on the back of our photo tells us

"From left to right: 1) Jose Miguel Chino 2) Pedro Sanchez (Indian agent) 3) Hashiti* Martin de Valle 4) Jose Berendo (principal) 5) Santiago Orilla 6) Santiago Conepo Linazeteah 7) Lorenzo Pancho 8) Lorenzo Lina 9) Larenzo Schaurva Kruz 10) Toribio Mateai 11) Jose Ant Aujune (Bibo) 12) Napoleon Pancho (Bibo) 13) Andres Ortiz (Interpreter) 14) Mr. Read, Secretary of Indian Agent 15) Solomon Bibo, Governor of Acoma"
*Hashiti in Acoma language means "old man"

Photo appears to have been taken in Grants, New Mexico, in 1885. Two story section house of State Fe Railroad in distance. The building is still in Grants, NM but not railroad property now.

Floyd Fierman's Bibo Family Tree
Nathan and Joseph Bibo

Seated: Nathan Bibo and his wife; standing: Joseph Bibo and his wife - the brothers married sisters

Interior of the Bibo family store
Exterior of the Bibo family store

Identified by Arthur Bibo, March 4, 1961

Linita Bibo Weiss & her husband Gus Weiss to her left (with bow tie) in front of Gubero, New Mexico Store. Operated by her father Simon Bibo from 1892 to 1904. Other Gubero people's names not presently known. Linita was Simon Bibo's oldest daughter. Both Mr. & Mrs. Weiss died in San Francisco years ago. Front of store has been re-modeled but still in use as Gubero Trading Co. (S. S. Gottlieb owner). Dad, Emil Bibo, operated this store as Gubero Trading Co., from 1902 to 1916 -- sold out to Bernalillo, Mer. Co. (Joseph Bibo & Seligman)

Bibo Store, Laguna, NM, circa 1900

Building belonged to R. G. Marmon family. Emil Bibo worked with his brother at this store in 1901.

Bibo Store, Bernalillo, NM, circa 1903

Photo 1903: Identified by Arthur Bibo, March 3, 1961

Joseph Bibo (bow tie) and his wife in front of his store at Bernalillo, New Mexico. Boy with the dog - James Bibo (their oldest son) deceased; next to him Milton Bibo (2nd son); girl in wagon Reina Bibo (Stolaroff) (their daughter)

From the notes on the back of the Archives photograph written by Arthur Bibo, and dated 3/4/61. "Photo 1903, [ notes by Arthur Bibo, dated 3/4/1961] Simon Bibo sold his interest with Joseph Bibo in this store in 1892. Then my father Emil Bibo was in business with Joseph Bibo until 1899. Building no longer stands."

Gravestone of Isaac Bibo
Gravestone of Blumenschen R. Bibo
Bibo-Seligman family reunion

From the notes on the back of the photo, presumed taken at a Bibo-Seligman family reunion. from left to right: Rica Bierman, Betty Bibo, Lena Bibo Weiss, Willie Bierman, Flora Bibo, Clara Bibo, Unknown, Irma Bibo, Adolph Bierman, unknown; seated: unknown, Nathan Bibo, Carl Seligman, Lucille Seligman, Joseph Bibo

The Bibo's, Floersheim's, and Seligman's

The Bibo's, Floersheim's, and Seligman's -- handwritten information on back of photograph:

"Left to right: Mother Elizabeth Weisskopf Bibo (Mr. Emil Bibo); Irma Bibo Floersheim; Ben Floersheim; Randy Seligman (M.D.); Donald Floersheim" -- photo circa 1950