Rosenblum Family Photos

Charles Rosenblum, early 1900s
Clune Rosenblum, early 1920s

Clune Rosenblum, son of Chaskel and Miriam, early 1920s, Sokol, Austria-Hungary

Katie Rosenblum

Katie Rosenblum, with brothers Irving and Charlie "Red", and husband Charles (Speckler). Prior to 1920, Galicia

Katie and Johann

Katie with first cousin Johann Rosenblum mid-to-late 1930s, probably Vienna

Katie & Charlie Rosenblum, circa 1914
Katie Rosenblum (right)
Clara Skolnick Rosenblum

Clockwise from right is Clara Skolnick Rosenblum, Virginia, Theodora in her father's lap Jacob J., Sarah Landesberg Rosenblum, and Louis -- early 1919

Bernie and Oscar

Bernie Rosenblum with brother Oscar

Jacob J. Rosenblum

Jacob J. Rosenblum, Vienna, circa 1905

Jacob & Clara Skolnick

Jacob J. and Clara Skolnick Rosenblum, Buchach, Galicia, c. 1910

Johann & Ceilia

Johann and Ceilia [Kittenplon] Rosenblum, Vienna c. 1910

Johann Rosenblum

Johann Rosenblum, either brother Chune or Jacob, Sally, and 1st cousin Jacob J., circa 1900

Jacob & Clara 1913

Jacob Jeramiah and Clara Skolnick Rosenblum, Brooklyn, NY, 1913, shortly after their arrival in the U. S.

Bernard & Sally Gottfurcht

Bernard Gottfurcht and Sally (Rosenblum) Gottfurcht

Fuhrman, Rosenblum & Gottfurcht

M. Fuhrman (?) [cousin to Rosenblums], George Rosenblum, unknown, Sally Rosenblum Gottfurcht and Bernard Gottfurcht