Jewish Ranchers: At Home on the Range


Jewish Pioneers and their descendants have worked the land too. In their history Pioneer Jews, the Rochlin's wrote of Jewish pioneers who entered the livestock industry and how they worked "from cowpoke and shepherd to cattle tycoon and sheep baron." (p. 73)

In the Southwest for example, Sol Floersheim began working for the Charles Ilfeld Company in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in 1880. Floersheim, who was a colorful character in his own right, passed his passion for ranching on to his son Milton and grandson David. Milton and David both graduated from Colorado State College with degrees in animal husbandry.

The Bloom Archives contains several images depicting the Jewish ranching experience.

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A view of the Grouskay Ranch

The Grouskay Ranch, Ash Fork, Arizona, taken in the 1950's (AJHS)

Grouskay family business advertisement


An aerial photograph Kapilowitz-Brown Dairy

This aerial photograph of the Kapilowitz-Brown Dairy was taken in 1956. (AJHS)

Ben Bellman, Safford, Arizona, 1936

Safford is located in Southeastern Arizona. Solomonville, named for Isadore Elkan Solomon who settled in the area in the 1870s, is part of the Safford Micropolitan Statistical Area.  (AJHS)

An advertisement for the Dietrich family's Sun Land Beef Co. in Arizona