The Charles Ilfeld Family

Ilfeld Family Portrait

(standing) Noah, Hohann, Louis; (seated) Charles, William, Bernard
From notes on back of the Archives photograph: "Photo taken by Tooker in Las Vegas, New Mexico, circ 1902-04. Two sisters are absent. William Ilfeld, grandfather Max, Carl and Fred was on a visit to U.S. This photo taken from original in my possession, M. L. Ilfeld, Albuquerque, N.M. 1971" (SWJA)

Ludwig Ilfeld

Ludwig Ilfeld, circa 1894, posing on horseback. (SWJA)

Colonel Ludwig Ilfeld with troops

Columbus, New Mexico, 1914. (SWJA)

Colonel Ludwig Ilfeld

Colonel Ilfeld leads the Las Vegas New Mexico National Guard unit at San Miguel. The troops were photographed in front of the Las Vegas Court House prior to boarding a train to Columbus, N. M., 1914, to pursue Pancho Villa. (SWJA)