Bernard Seligman and Family

Bernard Seligman, Zadoc Staab, Lehman Seigelberg and Kiowa Indians
Bernard Seligman
Blanche Block Seligman (Mrs. Julius)
Governor Arthur Seligman's inaugeral reception, 1931

 Arthur Seligman (1873-1933) was mayor of Sante Fe for six years and served as Governor of New Mexico from 1930-1933.

In A History of the Jews in New Mexico, Tobias wrote that Governor Seligman's wife belonged to the Episcopal church and that an Episcopal service for the dead was read at the House of Representatives upon his death. At his gravesite, the Masonic ritual was performed. Tobias concludes that while it would be "presumptuous" to define Arthur Seligman's religious identity, his "family background and early life ... place his career clearly within the framework of the history of the Jews in New Mexico." [HJNM:160-161]