Wernick Family Photos

Alex Wernick, 1920s

Alex Wernick, 1920s, standing in front of Willie Wernick's dental office.

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Wolf Wernick (back) and Alex Wernick early 1920s
Ida Orlinsky married Alex Wernick, October 10, 1926
Alex and Ida Wernick, April 10, 1926
Lilian Wernick
Barbara Wernick, 1936 Brooklyn, NY
Beverly and Irwin

Cousins Beverly Sachs and Irwin Wernick, probably at cousin Stanley Wernick's Bar Mitzvah, c. 1939

Uncle Willie's Office

Alex, Irwin, Ida, and Barbara in Uncle Willie's dental office waiting room, 1938

Irwin Wernick, 1945